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Thank you for stopping by and visiting. Bradpurr is a small  cageless cattery in Tennessee. My name is Fran. I have been breeding and showing Himalayan cats for over 40
 years. Well, more precisely, Himalayans and household pets. That is how I got started in cats and breeding. I got my first pet, a cat , when I was in my 20's. That led to more cats, of course, and rescues and then to showing my HHP's. During those times of waiting in between rings, I fell in love with the Himalayan cat. And here, I guess you can say, the rest is history. I breed not only for the show standard but with those wide open expressions with huge round eyes. And you will see from the articles within, that healthy cats are paramount. Much attention is placed on optimum nutrition and a chemical free environment. Healthy cats make happy cats. Now in my 60's I have finally allowed myself to pass the showing on to someone else. So, while I will still have my sweet pet kitties, I will now have breeder and show kitties available also. Please enjoy your visit.
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Oakheaven's Mewsic Line of Bradpurr
This site is dedicate to my Melody. My once in a life time kitty. She had my heart from the moment I saw her and still does. I will never forget her. She is the reason I will always love the himalayan cat.