Bradpurr Cattery
For the Health of the Kitten Bradpurr Cattery does not sell kittens before 14 wk's of age. To find out why click on the link below

Some Wintertime Care Tips

The coats tend to knot up  easily this time of year. To help stop the coat from drying out which  is one of the main causes, mix  a couple of drops of conditioner with water in a small
 sprayer bottle and lightly spray the coat every day when you comb the coat.

If your cat should wind up getting a little diarrhea from something it got into with all the goodies around this time of year, just add a little canned pumpkin to the wet food everyday.

And don't forget the colloidal silver everyday to keep the noses from drying out and making it easier for them to pick up a virus

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All Males Cats will be neutered. I will not sell them for breeding. I will occasionally sell a female for breeding or show if I feel they are a good example of the breed and meet the show standards .

All pet quality kittens will be spayed/neutered before they leave. A $65 fee will be added for  this

The smallest feline is a masterpiece: Leonardo DaVinci
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Isabella     BD  04/15/16

Jasmine- Blue Lynx Point and White Female
She enjoys life to the fullest and is always happy
She makes your heart happy just watching her.
This is Lamb Chop. She is a blue lynx point and white spayed female.  BD 2/26/17/  Like all kittens she is a joy to watch playing and enjoys life to the fullest.
This is Lancelot.  He is a seal lynx point and white neutered male. BD 2/26/17.  He is slightly smaller than he sister but enjoys life just as much. Loves to play