Bradpurr Cattery
I have learned a lot about cats during my years of breeding and showing and I would like to pass some of the information off to you in the hopes that it will  make your pet experience a happy one.
1)   Cats, like people, need vitamin C but unlike people their bodies are able to produce their own. Unfortunately though,they suffer from the same exposure to pollutants and chemicals as we do and because of that their bodies are not able to produce enough to cover their needs. I find supplementing their diets with Vitamin C in the form of sodium ascorbate powder helps boost their immune system, keeps the males from getting urinary blockage which can be deadly and keeps those "colds" to a minimum. Start off slowly and build up to 250mg/day and no diarrhea. You can up that to 500mg for times of stress like illness.
2)  There is much evidence proving that a daily livage (cleaning) of the nasal passages will keep the sinuses in good working order. That is especially important with these flat faced kitties. You can go out and buy saline solution or you can make it yourself by boiling one cup of distilled or spring water and adding 1/4 tsp of salt to it. Either way, just add one drop to each nostril daily. Another choice instead of saline solution is using colloidal silver in just the same manner.
3)  Believe it or not, cats can get acne just like we do. It is called "feline acne" and is caused by the use of plastic bowls for food or drink. Again, this is more prevalent with these flat faced guys. Plastic is porous, and even putting it through the dish washer will not get out all the bacteria that settles in the cracks. When the kitties go for a drink or some food, their chins rub against the bacteria in the bowls and viola, acne. Always use either glass or ceramic .
4)  I have followed the controversy developing about the over use of vaccines on today's pets. Documentation proves that the over use of vaccines, instead of helping, are creating a host of vaccine related diseases that were never seen before yearly vaccines became the norm. Vets are seeing an increase in allergies, epilepsy and seizures, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic renal failure, urinary tract inflammation, destroyed immune systems, cancer: the list goes on and on. Some vets have even taken to giving vaccinations on the tail so that if the animal develops cancer at the site, they will only need to remove the tail. Pretty scary.  As Dr Donna Steria Mehan puts it "with vaccines that are repeated year after year the frequency and severity of these side effects only increases". Are we, as humans, given "yearly" vaccines? The answer is no. Why then do pets. There are a number of reasons, one being that it is a great money maker for both the veterinarian and the manufacturers. Let take the rabies vaccine as an example. One dose cost the vet  $.61. He then turns around and charges you between $15-$38 for the same vaccine. The mark up on vaccines averages  2400% and has led to, one of the top manufactures of these vaccines, having sales in the area of $600 million. And who is paying for that profit but the unsuspecting pet owner who has been told that  they are necessary in order to have a healthy pet. Scientific research has proven that, if the pet is given a dose of modified live virus (MLV) after 6 months of age they receive total immunity. If another MLV vaccination is given a year later, the antibodies, from the first vaccine neutralize antigens of the second vaccines and there is no increase in immunity. Vaccines for Feline Leukemia, FIP, FVLV, heartworm disease and rabies are all unnecessary if your cat is kept indoors as it should be today.  And tests for FIP and Feline Leukemia are equally unnecessary as a negative result on either test does not mean your pet is safe. Again, after years of studying this issue, I have adopted the protocol recommended by Dr. Don Hamilton, one of the foremost leaders of veterinary homeopathy. I start my kittens out at 6 wks of age using nosodes. Nosodes are a homeopathic preparation made from the matter from a sick animal then repeatedly diluted and succused until the substances is harmless but produces a powerful remedy. The use of nosodes in the prophylactic manner for preventing disease has been used in veterinary homeopathy for many years. Then at 12 wks they are given one three way MLV vaccine without the adjuvant (carrying agent). They are then fully protected for life and will need no other vaccines. If you are interested in further information please check out Drs Marty Goldstein, Don Hamilton or Charles Loop. 

5) Another item that needs to be addressed is the danger of clumping litter. Clumping clay litter is implicated as the cause of many diverse symptoms including diarrhea, frothy yellow vomiting, mega bowel syndrome, kidney disease, respiratory problems, general failure to thrive, anemia, lethargy and even death. This occurs when the clumping litter does inside the kitten what it does in the box, expands. All cats are extremely fastidious in keeping themselves clean and that includes cleaning up after using the litter box. The problem is that while they are cleaning they are ingesting that same litter. Once the litter is inside that cat, it expands, forming a mass and coating the interior. You know how hard it is to clean the litter out of the boxes, imagine that on the inside of the kitty's intestines. It draws the fluid out causing dehydration at the same time it prevents absorption of nutrients and fluids. Is the convenience of clumping litter worth the health of your cats; I say no especially when there are so many alternatives.